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Locksmith Brisbane

Locksmith Brisbane

If you need an emergency locksmith in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. Our Brisbane locksmith is able to repair, make and install locks in your home.

We provide a wide range of locksmithing services. For example, a locksmith will make you an extra house key.

Locksmith Brisbane Services

We all have locked ourselves out of our home at least once. When this happens, one can hope that a window is open. Otherwise, a Brisbane locksmith is able to open your lock without potentially destroying the door or the door frame. A locksmith has tools available to access almost every lock.

A locksmith in Brisbane also can install security systems. Many families desire to have that extra layer of protection over their home. A security system is a modern day form of a lock; locksmiths in Brisbane understand that families need to defend themselves against those with ill intentions.

An important part of the job is to fix existing locks. Sometimes, the locks on your doors will break or need to be replaced. This is one of the most common jobs that locksmiths in Brisbane perform. The top job locksmiths in Brisbane perform is copying and producing keys. Families often need additional keys for family members or guests. Having extra keys is a smart move.

Beautiful Historic Doors in Brisbane that awe our locksmiths

The services provided by locksmiths have evolved over the centuries; it’s a profession that has lasted centuries. In Brisbane, there are many beautiful doors admired by locksmiths for their beauty and historical value. Whether they are brightly colored or ornate, these doors stand out from the rest.

St. John’s Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral, located on Ann St, is an Anglican Church and a heritage site. This beautiful church features Gothic Revival architecture. The wooden doors are heavy, flanked by ornate archways and lead up to the doorways.

Front view of St Johns Cathedral in Brisbane QLD

St Johns Cathedral in Brisbane QLD – Photograph by John Maidment (December 2009)

AF Dawson Residence

Located in Tarragindi, Brisbane, a house that was built by AF Dawson features a bright blue door. It is known as the AF Dawson Residence. The bright blue is a bold choice and represents the modern style of the home.

Open view of the AF Dawson Residence Blue Door after it got serviced by a locksmith

AF Dawson Residence Blue Door – Image credit: walkamongthehomes.com.au

Dello Mano Café

The Dello Mano Café in Brisbane features a bright red double door. It stands out against the white exterior, draped with green ivy and a taupe awning. This delicious café offers more than a beautiful and unique door; their ratings are superb.

After your locksmith brisbane completes his job, visit the Dello Mano Café

Dello Mano Café, Brisbane QLD, city of great Locksmiths – Image credit: dellomanocafe.com.au

Church of Christ

The Church of Christ, located on Ann St., is a bright white stucco. Stuck in between town taller building, the church itself doesn’t stand out as unique. The door is striking; it is a dark brown, heavy wooden door inside of a deep, white arch.

Church of Christ, Ann St Brisbane CBD

Church of Christ, Ann St Brisbane CBD – Image credit: wikimedia.org

Newstead House

The oldest building in Brisbane, the Newstead House, features two interesting doors. The first is the entrance to the screened in porch. It is made with heavy, wooden poles that frame the entire porch. The entrance to the house is a heavy wooden door; a classic type of door featured during the later 1880s.

The Newstead House is one of the favourite places of our Brisbane locksmith

The Newstead House is one of the favourite places of our Brisbane locksmith – Image credit: diane-adventurebeforedementia.blogspot.com.au

Parliament House

Queensland’s Parliament is located in Brisbane, and they meet in the Parliament House. The construction on this beautiful building began in 1867. The building has numerous archways and features over 300 windows and beautiful doorways.

Parliament House, historic building next to the botanical gardens in Brisbane CBD

Parliament House in Brisbane – Image credit: hpw.qld.gov.au

History of Brisbane

In 1823, there were a number of harmful convicts in the prison system of Sydney, Australia. The New South Wales government wanted an area to ship their worse convicts. A surveyor was sent along the coast to find a suitable location for a new prison colony. While traveling up the coast, the surveyor, General John Oxley, stumbled across two shipwrecked convicts living amongst the local indigenous. These two convicts showed the General an unknown river that was later named the Brisbane, after the Governor of New South Wales.

The new prison colony was built in 1824 along the cliffs north of the river. However, officials decided to move it down to the site of modern-day Brisbane in 1825. Developments continued; the Old Windmill was built in 1828 and the Commissariat Store in 1829. At this same time, settlers were flocking to Australia in increasing numbers. More area was needed for the settlers. The government was under pressure to allow these people to settle and build in Brisbane. In 1842, the government opened the region to all free settlers.

Statistics and Facts about Brisbane

  • In 2012, the Brisbane population was over 2 million, and it is the third largest city in Australia.
  • Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, which has the nickname the “Sunshine State.”
  • It has more sunny days than any other city in Australia and a stable weather system.
  • There are plenty of suburbs surrounding the Brisbane area. The most popular include: Chapel Hill, Fairfield, Brookwater,Beenleigh, Ipswich, Browns Plains and Sunnybank.
  • The city center extends around 1 square mile and bends around the Brisbane River.
  • The barracks for 1000 convicts was located on Queen Street. This area is home to one of the most successful malls. The mall features over 700 retailers.
  • Brisbane features a large event called Ekka. It attracts over 400,000 visitors per year!
  • When you visit, expect most restaurants and cafes to offer an open air experience. Outdoor eating is common to Brisbane natives.
  • Besides tourism, Brisbane is home to many industries. Some of largest are: oil refineries, tire manufacturing, sugar refining, meat and fruit packing, and engineering. The economy generates over $146 billion per year.

Brisbane is a city that is continuing to grow at a fast rate. The beautiful weather and attractions are drawing more people to the coast of Australia. Brisbane locksmiths are there to provide services to any and all families and businesses that require the services of a locksmith. Brisbane locksmiths strive to provide the best customer service. Our team of locksmith in Brisbane want to help and will be there for you very quickly, just give us a call.

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Map of Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs. Brisbane, Queensland. Image credit: Google

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