Being locked out of your home is not only frustrating and embarrassing but can also be dangerous.

Even if you always know where your keys are, unfortunately, accidents happen. For example:

  • You walk outside without your keys and the wind blows the front door closed locking you out.
  • You misplace your keys on a big night out in Brisbane CBD or The Valley.
  • You get home with your keys in hand however your lock is jammed and stuck. It won’t budge!

Whatever the reason that has led to your lockout situation the fact remains – you are locked out.

So, how do you get back in?

A man holding an old door knob while entering a home.

Source Another Key

Surely you have more than one key for the lock that is preventing your access. Who else has one? A family member, housemate, friend, relative, or neighbour?

Maybe you have a fake rock with a hidden key or another stash spot for these lockout emergencies?

Sourcing another key is the easiest way to get back inside. But if no other keys exist or they will take too long to retrieve, then it’s time to move on.

Enter Via Another Access Point

You may not be able to get through the front door, but what about the back door, side door, or an easily accessible window?

How about internal access through the garage using the garage door remote? Or a dog flap that someone small can squeeze through?

Take some time to think if there is another way into your house. For example, there may be an unlocked sliding door on a balcony.

If it is a two-storey home you may need to ask a neighbour to borrow a ladder to access it.

Searching for another access point is the next easiest way to get in, but depending on where the access point is, it could be too dangerous. Putting your own or a friend’s life at risk to gain access is not worth it.

Lockout Locksmith

This is the time when having a reliable emergency locksmith saved in your phone contacts comes in very handy.

By using a local locksmith the response time will be fast and once onsite most locksmiths can regain access within minutes using lock-picking tools.

It is important to note that using lock-picking tools when inexperienced can be very risky.

If you don’t know what you are doing you can easily cause irreversible damage to the lock resulting in a much higher replacement cost.

This is why it is best to leave it to the professionals. Of course, this service will come at a cost, so prevention is always better than cure.

Ben working on a front door lock

How to Prevent Being Locked Out Again

There are a few ways you can try to regain access when you don’t have a key. But to make your life easier, follow the tips below to prevent yourself from ever being locked out of your own home again.

Stash a Spare Set of Keys

Most of us have done it before. That is, lost our keys and got locked out.

But if you have a spare set of keys stashed on your property in a fake rock or a hidden combination lock for instance, then a spare set is never far away.

However, some may argue this is a bad idea as a would-be intruder just needs to find your hiding spot and they can access the key too.

To prevent this from happening you could leave a spare set with a close friend or trusted neighbour. Of course, in these cases, they will need to be home themselves and live nearby.

Either way, spare keys will certainly give you some options if you get locked out again.

Set of new keys that are cut onsite with mobile key curring equipment

Change Your Old or Faulty Locks

There are many reasons why you should consider installing new locks. For example,

  • When people try to force entry into your home, they may damage your locks.
  • The lock is starting to wear out due to old age
  • The lock has been playing up and keeps getting stuck or jammed

Not changing an old or faulty lock can lead to a home lockout. For example, you may have the right keys yet are still unable to unlock the door, or you experience a lot of difficulties before you can open it.

To avoid this kind of lock-out that could happen at any time, make sure you change any old, damaged or bad locks. 

A mix of deadbolts, deadlocks and deadlatches

Install a Keyless Entry Smart Lock

Thanks to technology you can now equip your home with a keyless entry smart lock. With this option, you will not need physical keys.

Also, this is a way of upgrading the security of your home as many smart locks tend to use the latest locking technology and require a new installation.

This can ensure the locking mechanism fits securely into the frame.

However, one thing to note about smart locks is they require batteries to operate. So you will need to make sure you change the batteries as needed to prevent them from locking you out due to no power.

If that happens you will need to know the emergency process for gaining access, which is normally a key!

Picture of Yale smart lock with option of having handle facing either direction.

Ensure Regular Maintenance

Another effective way to prevent home lockouts is to ensure your locks are regularly maintained. A quality locksmith will inspect, clean, and properly lubricate when necessary. 

Not taking action to repair small issues with your locks could make you look for an emergency locksmith in the middle of the night.

Avoid any mishaps by requesting an expert to inspect them regularly. This is the only way to prevent lock jamming and expensive issues later on.

In Summary

As mentioned, prevention is better than cure. But if you are locked out you can follow the three ways of sourcing another key, entering via another access point or as a last resort calling a lockout locksmith.

To prevent it from happening again you may choose to stash spare keys for those emergencies, repair or replace dodgy locks and also consider installing keyless entry locks.

Just be aware that even these devices can (rarely) break.

As a final backup, you should ensure you have a trusted local emergency locksmith saved in your phone. This way you will have them ready to dial at any time.

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