As a homeowner or a renter, you may find yourself locked out of your property. At which time you may consider breaking into your own home.

You start thinking if you left the back door or a window open that will allow you to gain access. Then lock picking crosses your mind.

After all, this is the method that locksmiths use to gain access to your property if you call one, right?

Then comes the next question – is lock picking safe? Well… It depends. Let’s discuss this below.

A locksmith repairing a door lock using tools.

What is Lock Picking?

If you are unfamiliar with this term, then let us explain what it means.

With lock picking, you do not use a key. Instead, you use tools to manipulate the lock components allowing you to unlock it. This process is also known as bumping.

There are professional lock-picking tools that when used by a skilled locksmith neither mark the lock nor damage it. This allows you to regain entry to your home or property when you misplace your keys.

Lock Picking Tools

Lock picks and tension wrenches are the most common tools used in this process.

Picks are long and thin with a curve at the end. For stability, they are made of metal and are used to push up the internal pins in the lock. Then tension wrenches are used to hold the pins in place.

Much like any tool available on the market, there are differences in quality and pricing. Also, the skill of lockpicking takes lots of practice to get right.

What Are The Risks of Using Lock Picking Tools?

In order to become skilful in using lock-picking tools takes a lot of trial and error. This training should be conducted on special training locks and not locks that are in use. 

While learning, an unskilled person using the best lock-picking tools can still cause irreversible damage to the lock.

This is the reason many people consider lockpicking to be unsafe. When done incorrectly you can damage your lock so severely that it will require a complete lock replacement.

DIY Vs Professional Lock Picking

Unfortunately, lockpicking tools are readily available for purchase to consumers. However as mentioned, when unused incorrectly they can cause extensive damage to your lock and even break the tools.

Therefore, we advise against DIY lockpicking or bumping. Instead, choose a professional locksmith company to perform any lock-picking task you have.

Man PIcking a Door Lock

Unskilled vs. Trusted Locksmiths

It is also worth mentioning there are many unskilled locksmiths operating sometimes illegally without proper qualifications.

These locksmith “imposters” are essentially using your lock as practice when lockpicking and can damage it in the process.

When choosing a locksmith for your property always make sure to do your research. Check for genuine Google reviews and other methods to verify their trustworthiness.

In Summary

If you are thinking about learning lock or you want to buy a lock pick set, you must understand your local laws. The sale of lock-picking tools to unlicensed and non-qualified locksmiths can be linked to criminal activities.

As such it is always best to leave lockpicking to a trusted professional. If you are interested in learning lockpicking for yourself, you should really consider becoming a locksmith.

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