Although the importance of installing a lock on every entry point is unquestioned, there are some instances where locks don’t work or do not exist. 

In such instances, taking measures to secure a lockless door may give you temporary security until you can either get a new lock installed or complete whatever you need privacy for. 

To assist in your mission, we will look at the different ways to lock a door without a lock. 

A closing door with a lever handle.

Use a Door Wedge

Normally, a door wedge is used to prevent the door from closing. However, it can also be used to prevent a door from opening.

Close the door and while inside the room, insert a door wedge at the bottom of the door.

Keep in mind, however, that this method only works for doors that open inwards into the room. Plus, you need to remain inside the room to secure the wedge and remove it when no longer needed.

If you don’t have a door wedge available, you can use cardboard or folded paper as an alternative. Make it as thick as possible while still being able to fit into the space beneath the door and the floor. 

The beauty of door wedges is that it’s usually very effective at stopping entries and is very easy to do. 

However, this isn’t as effective against intruders who aren’t afraid to use significant force. Clever intruders who are aware of this method could also use a stick to push the wedge out from the bottom. 

A door wedge stopper used to close a door.

Use a Chair

You might have seen this a few times in movies where the person running away from an attacker uses a chair as a wedge to stop the attacker from entering the room. 

This method works but with enough force or when the floor is slippery, the chair can be pushed out easily. 

That said, you may be able to use this method to stop people at home or at a rental property from entering your door without permission.

To do this, place a sturdy chair tightly and at an angle between the door knob and the floor. 

The top of the backrest should be just under the door knob and only the back legs of the chair are in contact with the ground. 

Choose a chair that is solid and a little taller than the door knob. 

An old chair placed near a white door.

Use The Lever Handle

If the door you’re trying to lock opens outward and the door has a lever handle, you’re in luck. 

This method is one of the most effective ways to lock a door without a lock and is actually taught in schools and offices.

By using a rigid bar, folding chair, or even a screwdriver, you can wedge this still object in between the door frame and the door handle. Essentially this bar will stop the door from being pulled out from the other side.

Another option for a lever handle is to secure the handle to prevent it from turning. For this, you may need a hook or other secure item to tie the handle to which will prevent it from turning.

A white double door with gold lever handles.

Final Thoughts

Here we have presented a few ideas that may work in emergency situations or as a temporary fix.

However, as each door lock is different you should familiarise yourself with the lock components to see if there is a way to wedge or prevent the door from being opened.

However, it’s always best to contact your trusted locksmith right away when you have problems concerning your security such as a broken lock. 

Properly fitted locks are always the best way to secure a door for safety and security.

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