Most people only go looking for a locksmith when they need one urgently. Such as when they are locked out and desperately need to get back in.

Unless they have used a locksmith previously and have the details of that company in their phone, they go in search of a locksmith who can get them back into their property.

At this point, they are stressed due to their situation and just want a quick resolution.

But when searching online for a lockout locksmith, they quickly learn there are plenty to choose from so they start looking for the cheapest price.

Don’t be fooled by cheap call-out pricing. What many people don’t realize is the call-out price and the final total price can be completely different.

Woman wondering how to get in when she is locked out of her house.

The Locksmith SCAM

If you fall victim to the following locksmith scam, you will be in for a nasty shock when the final bill ends up costing a lot more than you bargained for.

Recently the locksmith industry has been inundated by “handymen & backpackers” passing themselves off as legitimate locksmiths.

Unfortunately, this has brought the whole industry down and ripped off the general public with the end bill being hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

These scammers gain work by offering their victims extremely low call-out rates (Eg. $15-$45). But what they don’t tell you is their final bill will come to an exorbitant amount with ridiculous hidden charges.

These handymen are often travelling through as backpackers.

They are under the impression that if they get a hold of some basic lock-picking tools they can take control of the locksmith industry and not be held accountable.

In many cases, what they are doing is illegal and they are taking advantage of you, the end customer.

At the start, you may feel you are receiving good service from a reputable locksmith company at a low cost.

However, many people in your position are held to ransom in the end with the ridiculous costs accrued.

They do this by quoting a really low price for a call-out fee but then having an enormous hourly rate or by charging extreme prices for any low-cost parts used.

Plus, their work will be mediocre at best and you risk damaging your lock, requiring a much higher cost to replace it with an actual professional.

Locksmith calculating the total cost of their service

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off

Remember, it’s not all about the call-out fee. The real price you should be concerned about is the end bill.

The best way to avoid being ripped off is to find a quality locksmith and save their details ready for when those emergency situations occur. You should also familiarise yourself with standard locksmith prices.

If you are located within our service area, you don’t need to worry any longer.

Locksmiths Near You, do not participate in these shady practices. We will always quote a realistic end cost which includes superior service, quality materials, and competitive pricing.

If you are located elsewhere and are looking for a new locksmith, start by researching prospective companies and looking for genuine positive reviews.

Once you have a shortlist, get them on the phone and ask them about all their prices. Not just their call-out fee, but their hourly rates and final costs. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Take care and be cautious. Avoid being ripped off and don’t get taken advantage of by doing proper research first.

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