What Are Deadlocks, Deadlatches & Deadbolts (& Why You Need Them)

So, you’re filling out some papers at the insurance office to get insured against burglaries and thefts. On the form you are asked about the kinds of locks that you use for your home, or a condition that mandates you to use either a deadbolt, deadlatch or a deadlock.

Now, if you are wondering what the hell these references mean? Then luckily for you, that is what this article is all about.

At Locksmiths Near You, we’ll demystify each of these locking mechanisms and explain why your insurance company insists on you using them.

What is a Deadbolt, Deadlatch and a Deadlock?

One of the questions that our locksmiths here at Locksmiths Near You get asked a lot is the difference between deadbolt, deadlatch and deadlock.


A deadlock is a lock that can only be unlocked with its key when in deadlock mode. One side of the deadlock has a keyhole while the other end has a knob that can be turned, which may also have another keyhole.

The knob of a deadlock cannot be operated while in deadlock mode. This helps to improve security as unauthorized personnel such as thieves or burglars who may have gained entry into your home by some other means cannot leave via your door if it has a deadlock.


A deadbolt has a similar function to a deadlock; however, the deadbolt comes with a bolt that extends into the wall or floor, making it impossible to open the door forcefully when the deadbolt is locked.


A deadlatch on the other hand, combines the advantages of a deadlock with that of a latch. While a deadlock can only be locked with it’s key, and a deadbolt locked by sliding the bolt into place, the deadlatch automatically locks itself when you close the door. This means that you can leave your home quickly because you know that your door would lock itself behind you.

Why Insurance Companies Insist on Deadlocking Devices

Insurance companies love deadlocks, bolts and latches because it is harder for burglars to break through those locks, gain access into your home and ultimately steal from you.

However, you must be careful because if you allow the bolt, lock or latch to enter deadlock mode while you don’t have the key, you might find yourself locked out (or in) without any way of getting out.

Thankfully, Locksmiths Near You has a lockout service that helps residential and commercial properties solve lockout situations. Also we can recommend popular deadlocking locks (Eg. Lockwood 001 Double Cylinder Deadlatch) that prevent you from locking yourself inside.

Supply, Repair and Installation of Deadlocks and Deadbolts

If you need to install or repair a deadlock, deadbolt or deadlatch in your home or office premises in Logan or surround Brisbane regions, then Locksmiths Near You is your best bet.

We are qualified and experienced in installing various types of deadlocks, deadbolts and deadlatches to residential and commercial doors. Ensure the security of your office or home is not compromised due to an inferior lock.

Fitting deadbolts, locks and latches to your door helps keep out burglars from your home and office. What’s more, insurance companies usually stipulate that your property must be secured with a deadlock mechanism to be successfully insured.

At Locksmiths Near You, we ensure that your property remains secure by supplying quality deadlocking equipment to your home, installing as well as repairing them. Give us a call or send us an email today.

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