Beware the “Cheap Callout” SCAM

Don’t be fooled by cheap call out pricing. You may be in for a nasty shock in the final bill which ends up costing you a lot more than you bargained for.

Recently the locksmith industry has been inundated by “handymen & backpackers” passing themselves off as legitimate locksmiths.

Unfortunately this has bought the whole industry down and ripped off the general public with the end bill which includes a $30-$45 service call, followed by exorbitant pricing on any mediocre lock work completed.

Dodgy locksmith who provides a low callout fee ends up charging higher final bill

These handymen are often travelling through as backpackers. They are under the impression that if they get a hold of some basic opening tools they can take control of the locksmith industry and not be held accountable. When realistically, they are indeed only taking advantage of you, the end customer.

Whilst you may feel you are receiving good service from a reputable locksmith company at a low cost, many people in your same position are held to ransom in the end with the ridiculous costs accrued.

They do this by quoting a really low price for a call-out fee but then having a huge hourly rate or charging extreme prices for any low cost parts used.

Remember, it’s not all about the call out fee. The real price you should be concerned about is the end bill.

Avoid being ripped off and don’t get taken advantage of.

Our Locksmiths Near You, do not participate in these shady practices. We will always quote a realistic end cost. Also we always provide our customers with superior service to look after you, our customer.

We look forward to all future enquiries and customer satisfaction. At the end of the day we want to increase your security and safety. We do so by also providing affordable and competitive pricing.

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