Smart Locks Vs Mechanical Locks

Locks are critically crucial in enhancing home and business security. You will find that every property has a locking mechanism they use, whether it is a smart lock or the traditional mechanical type. 

Over time, locks have evolved as they are no longer the wooden pin tumbler style that was once made in Egypt.

Types of Door Locks

There are two main types of door locks that are in use today. They are smart, electronic, or digital locks and there are the older style traditional or mechanical locks. 

Mechanical Locks

These are commonly used in securing businesses and homes. They include knob locks, deadbolts, lever, and mortise locks. To operate, one needs to manually insert a key and twist to unlock them.

Mechanical Door Lock

How Do Mechanical Locks Work?

These locks offer varying security levels and, while some are high-quality, others are of lower quality.

Deadbolts: Single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts are the very commonly used door locks due to their high level of security. As you choose the grade, go for Grade 3 which offers enhanced security, strength, and durability. Grade 1 is the lowest in terms of security level.

As you purchase your mechanical locks, consider how often they will be used, their placement, and whether they will be functioning alone.

For the highest security for your home, go for locks that are resistant to bumping and picking, and ensure they are installed correctly by an experienced professional.

Smart Locks

These are the best types of locks for access control and enhanced security. Instead of using physical keys for access, you can use a programmed card, access code, or thumbprint. 

Smart Lock

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Unlike mechanical locks, digital ones are keyless meaning you do not require a physical key to unlock or lock. The instructions to do this are sent by an access code, a card, special key fobs that operate like remotes, or even biometric such as thumbprints or retina (eye) scanner.

It is quite convenient as you do not only control where other people have access, but you can get information on who accessed a specific room and at what time. This makes them extremely easy to work with as well as improving your home or office security.

In Summary

Regardless of how popular mechanical locks are, one must get the best quality in the market. This is because they are easier to manipulate than digital locks, and this makes your home more vulnerable to burglary. 

Another disadvantage with traditional locks is you need physical keys that can easily be lost or stolen. 

On the other hand, buying and installing smart locks is a bit more expensive but it is worth every penny. 

It is easy to control access and monitor most locks from anywhere while you are connected to the internet.

All things considered, with any lock you must purchase from a reputable and reliable brand. Also, they should be professionally installed to ensure they work as intended.

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