7 Steps to Secure Your Property When Away on Holidays

Whether you’re spending a few days out of state or going on an extended holiday abroad, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your home is secure and protected from a break-in.

Reports show that unauthorised entry leading to property destruction and theft increases during holiday seasons. Hence, it is critical that you make an effort to secure your home during these times. 

Private Property Signage

To help you secure your home before you go away, here are 7 useful tips that you could consider.

#1 Ensure All Entry Doors & Windows are Locked Securely

A burglar will usually try to find a weak spot in your home’s entry points. A loose hinge on a window or an unlocked door would be a perfect opportunity for them to break in. 

As such, it is crucial that you check every possible entry point in your home. All must have suitable locking devices in place that are strong and sturdy. If not, contact your local security locksmith to repair faulty locks or install missing security devices. You may even consider changing the locks to a modern design which is more secure, just to be on the safe side.  

#2 Have Your Garage and Driveway Occupied

If you’re going for a long drive and leaving that carport empty, try and ask a neighbour or a friend close by to park in there to make it look like someone’s at home. 

#3 Be Careful About Going Public on Social Media

Refrain from announcing your holiday plans on Social Media. Potential burglars may have a clue on their next target, especially if you have your posts visible to everyone. It might be a better idea to just inform your closest and most trusted friends and relatives, rather than putting it out there on the internet.

#4 Curtains & Lights – Be Weary of Peeking Eyes

Common burglars generally scout their victims ahead of the crime. This means they might be watching homes for a while first to learn how to break in and steal stuff. 

Consider closing the curtains to avoid anyone having a peek of what’s inside your home. You might also want to make sure that your electronics are out of sight. 

These days, there are available lights and electronic devices that have programmable timers on them. You can install and program these things to switch on particularly at night to leave an impression that someone’s at home.

Huge Home with All the Lights Turned on

#5 Request House Sitters & Small Errand Runners

If possible, hire a house sitter who can stay in and look after the place whilst you’re away. If not, having a trusted neighbour to check your house once in a while can be helpful enough.

You might also want to see that someone checks your letter box for you for the time being.  

$6 Security Cameras – Watch Like a Hawk

It is safe to say that modern tech equipment like security cameras are most people’s go-to device when it comes to deterring break-ins and burglaries. There are even ones that can alert you through notifications on your smartphone if something awfully suspicious is happening around your house whilst you’re away. 

It’s worth checking with a trusted home security system provider to see what options you have to increase your home’s security. 

View of Home with Security Cameras Installed

#7 Toolboxes – Keep Them Away

If burglars can’t pry on your locks, they’ll use whatever they can get their hands on to break in – including your set of tools in the shed or garage. Get them away from sight and lock things that you usually leave outside when you’re at home. 

A Few More Things to Keep Your Property Secure When You’re Away on Holidays

  • Avoid leaving your keys in a “secret place” outside your home. Thieves often look everywhere for them. 
  • Put your mail, newspaper and other regular mail deliveries on hold, unless you have someone in the neighbourhood to ask to collect them for you whilst you’re out.
  • Check all your locks are locked before you leave. Then, check them again. Make sure every lock is securely in place. It’s better to be safe and sure than sorry in the end.
  • Find a suitable home security system for your property. You have lots of options for your needs in the market at the moment.

With these easy to follow steps you can enjoy your holiday knowing your property is safe and will be exactly as you left it, when you return. Now where will you be going on holidays?

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