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A master key system offers you flexibility using fewer keys. Gain efficient control of your property’s security with customised access from door to door.

As a master key service provider in the greater Brisbane region, we pride ourselves in using the highest quality products and providing the best service through a team of qualified and highly experienced locksmiths.

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Consult your property’s management team (if you are renting or in an apartment) to make sure you comply with their policies and regulations.

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Need a Master Key System in Brisbane?

Master Key Services in Brisbane & Surrounding Regions

A master key system will allow you to use one key to access various rooms in a property. What would typically require you to use multiple keys can now be simplified to eliminate confusion!

Our qualified and experienced locksmiths are ready to reconfigure your building’s locks today.

Benefits include:

  • Precise control of room accessibility
  • Restriction of private areas for better security
  • Better personnel monitoring, as master keys can reduce the number of keys distributed
  • Easier and safer key management, as you only need one key to open several rooms.

On top of this a master key system can just mean less keys for you to carry. Saving space, creating less confusion and reducing the risk of being locked out by carrying the wrong key.

How Do We Do It?

  1. First, we start by identifying your needs
  2. Then we divide the keys into codes such as:
    • Grandmaster (A)
    • Master (AA)
    • Sub-Master (AAA)
    • Pass Key (AAA1, AAA2, etc.)
  3. Next, we make the control keys
  4. Finally, we re-evaluate to make special considerations for certain locks.

Once we’re on-site, we will install new or key all your locks, and allow you to make a cashless payment using our EFT-POS and card payment facilities. 

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Upgrade Your Security With Master Key & Lock Systems

If you’re managing an apartment, master key system managers and property supervisors can access every room in an apartment without the need to bring a key ring.

This makes managing multiple properties faster, more flexible and more efficient, as the time taken to search for a specific key is eliminated.

It is also a way of controlling access to certain rooms for situations such as cleaning services in hotels or condotels, based on the owner’s requirements.

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