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Home Safety facts and recommendations

In 2010, 254,500 Australian households were the victims of at least one break-in to their home, garage or shed and 203,700 households were victims of an attempted break-in. – Australian Bureau of Statistics

Numerous research bodies in Australia and across the world have found some key facts about residential burglaries:

  1. Most burglaries are opportunistic and are not planned in advance. This means that a burglar strikes only on spotting an open door/window or an unguarded/empty house.
  2. Most burglars do not attempt breaking into homes with alarm systems, a security guard or a dog

We at Locksmiths Near you also find security screen and grills to be a deterrent  though they are made for  ‘ventilation purposes’ only. What this means, is that when you are home,it is ok to have windows and doors open whilst screen doors and windows are locked (to let air through), If a person then decides to try and break in, you should here the disturbance.

When not at home, all doors and windows should be securely locked (along with screens) to properly secure the premises.

We also recommend that when moving to a new home or business premises, that you have all the locks rekeyed, as the previous owners may still have keys to your new investment, not to mention neighbours, relatives or friends or maybe a set had been lost previously and nothing was done?….. Police are able to work out if a key was used in a break- in as there is no sign of forced entry, this can make it difficult to claim insurance if you aren’t fully prepared and leave yourself open to this.

It is not recommended to lock screens or windows/sliding doors in an open position for  pets to access property, as far too many times have we found that this is an area used to break into properties as this weakens your security and allows for thieves to use leverage on these areas and pry windows and doors open.

At Locksmiths Near You, we fit window locks, deadlocks, patio bolts (for sliding doors) and everything you would require to keep your family or business safe, we also can key all these locks alike to limit the amount of keys you would need  down to just one or two.


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