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Restricted Systems

Restricted Systems

When Security Measures Need to Be Taken, Go With the Best

Take Away Any Chance of Foul Play! Use Restricted Systems

restricted systems

Are you a business owner, forced to put a great deal of trust in your managers? Are you using restricted Systems?

Anything that involves the keys to classified documents, cash, or the business itself needs to be protected. The last thing you want is your “trustworthy” manager to make a secret copy of the key and gain access without your knowledge. Even your most trusted managers shouldn’t have unlimited access to your assets.

We at Locksmiths Near You are offering a new service called Restricted Systems. Not only do we cut you a key for your business that can’t be copied without your written consent filled out on a special letterhead, your key is stamped with a system number and a designation number meaning we can keep track of how many keys have been issued.

And if you are at all worried that one of your employees will try to get it copied through another locksmith, you don’t have to worry. Any restricted key cut by another locksmith is illegal to tamper with and if they were to try they would be facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits.

Much better than normal cookie cutter services!

This is a tamper proof option that every business owner should opt for, because there are some things only you should have. The key to your castle without fear of duplication is more than a necessity, it’s imperative if you want to ensure that current or former employees aren’t skimming profits off the top. Trust should come with lines; and responsibilities should have fail safes attached to them. After all, if an employee tries to rip you off, they are risking far less than you are. You are risking the very security of the business you’ve built.

In order for your business to grow and step into the realm of longevity, you need security. You can trust your employees with a key but never give them the opportunity to duplicate it, even if they never will. Security belongs to you, the owner, first. And we offer it to you as not only a fail-safe but as a needed peace of mind. When you go home for the day, go home knowing you won’t be the victim of foul play. Security is rarely something you can buy. We are glad to be able to offer it to you now!

We only use Locksmith grade high quality locks on these systems. We use lock brands such as Lockwood, Whitco, Carbine, ADI, ADI, Borg, Abus, Federal, Lanes, Gainsborough, etc.

Open dialogue and clear lines of communication are vital to promote a healthy internal culture and we will seek the views of our staff and encourage people to challenge if they are concerned. Our aim is no higher than the best; the best people, the best solutions and the best service. We offer tailored security solutions and deliver support packages that match individual needs.


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