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Key Cutting Brisbane

Key Cutting Brisbane

A Craft Only Experts Can Handle! Key Cutting Brisbane

key cutting brisbane

Contrary to what your local hardware store key cutter will tell you, key cutting comes down to microscopic detail. If an edge is even slightly raised or differentiates from the original in even the most minute way, you are guaranteed to have a key that doesn’t work correctly and can even damage the lock you are using it on. Though your local hardware employee can operate the machine, his/her expertise in this field is non-existent, all but guaranteeing that the few dollars you save now will be wasted on your trip back to have it re-cut.

Though it seems like copying a key should be a no-brainer, it’s a question of accuracy above anything else. Not only does the hardware store employee not have the knowledge required for key cutting, the machines used are outdated and rarely cleaned. It’s no wonder why few keys work like they should…

You need something better!

This is not where our expertise ends, far from it. In fact, this is where it only begins. Copying a key is relatively easy. When key cutting becomes a craft that only experts can handle is when a key needs to be cut from scratch. Very few can do this well. With nothing to copy from, the teeth of the key must be shaped based on nothing but its lock.

Over time a key can begin to lose its shape, causing difficulty opening your doors. We can cut you a factory quality key, ensuring that your troubles will be a thing of the past!

We’re here to duplicate keys if needed; we’re here to cut keys from scratch in case you lose your keys; we’re here to decrypt keys and cut back to original factory cuts. With our top of the line and extremely accurate Laser guided key cutting machinery, it takes just a few minutes to cut keys. Our service is way better than those who offer the same service. Our locksmiths will cut your keys on site and test them to make sure they work as they should and even adjust them at times to make them work even better than they did previously – saving you both time and money.

When it comes to key cutting in any form, go with a locksmith service that gives you a product that works every time!

Locksmiths Near You operates with substantial benchmarks of ethics and a complete emphasis on support service – underpinned by collaboration. It is critical that all customers, team, and other parties trust us to respond appropriately. We have a lot of experience in this field and is trusted to protect.

We realise that people need to feel calm and assured in the building where they either work and/or live. With our eye for detail, we will make sure that the area is managed and improved.


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