Lock Rekeying Vs Changing Locks

If you have lost your keys giving someone access to your house, or you just moved into a new house, changing your locks has probably crossed your mind. After all, this will remove the key owner’s access.

However, there is another option you may not have considered.

The two main options for limiting access to your house for someone who has the keys are changing the locks or rekeying the locks.

It is important to understand what each option involves so you can choose the best one for your case. 

Locksmith technician rekeying a lock

What Is Lock Rekeying?

This is all about changing the internals of the current lock which is performed by a qualified locksmith.

The locksmith will replace the key pins or tumblers inside the lock. This will result in old keys no longer being able to lock or unlock the locks. 

Only the newly cut keys that are configured to the internals your rekeyed lock will work.

What Is Lock Changing?

With this option, the lock themselves must be replaced. The entire lock is removed and a new one is put in place.

Unlike rekeying where the lock remains the same, when changing your locks, both the lock and the key are new.

When Is Rekeying The Best Option?

Rekeying is a great option for several reasons. For starters it is quicker to complete and is cheaper.

This is because you do not have the higher investment of a new lock, just some internal pins which are low in cost. Also, the time involved is much less so there is less to pay for labour.

Rekeying For Master Key Systems

Another benefit of using rekeying of your locks is to setup a master key system. This allows you to have one key for multiple locks in your home or across multiple properties. 

To setup a master key system you would need to rekey all the locks to use the same key. However, this will only work if all your locks use the same key template. 

Home Door Lock

When Is Lock Changing The Best Option?

Locks changing will be your best option when your current locks are old, outdated and worn. 

By changing your locks, you will not only gain the strength of an updated lock with greater strength and reliability, but also with a completely new installation, the wall fittings will be more secure. 

Changing your locks is the ultimate step up in security when moving into a new property.

One thing to keep in mind about changing locks is that it is more expensive since it involves buying new locks and paying for the extra labour involved.

Master Key Systems May Require Lock Changing

As mentioned, with master key systems all the locks need to use the same key template. 

When completing a master key system in your home and you discover that some of the locks use different key templates, these locks will need to be changed.

This will then allow all the locks to be rekeyed to be controlled by one master key.

Consult With A Professional

When you need to have new keys to your home, you must consider whether rekeying or changing the locks is best for you. 

Rekeying will save you money, but in some scenarios changing is more ideal. While considering this, you should always with a professional for the best results. Doing so will ensure the most secure outcome.

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