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Lock Repair, Rekey & Replacement

Lock Repair, Rekey & Replacement

Simplify Your Life

lock repair, rekey
  • Are you tired of fumbling in the dark for the key that fits one door to your home? You may need a lock repair
  • Do you wish you could have a master key that opens both the front and back door? But, have you been convinced that each lock on your property needs to be different?
  • Have you been fed the fable that if you lose one key you only have to replace one instead of several?

This reason holds very little water, if any at all. Unless you damage your lock and need a lock repair. When you lose a key, usually you lose the entire key ring. The only purpose extra keys serve is to ensure that your life is just a little bit more inconvenient. And even worse, when those extra keys are on the same ring as the key to your car, the extra weight constantly pulling down wears out your ignition that much faster. Now these may seem like small issues. After all, what’s one or two extra keys? And what’s a little bit of added weight really going to do to your ignition?

We’re here to serve your lock repair needs!

You can choose to see these reasons as us at Locksmiths Near You doing nothing more than fishing to make a sale. That’s your prerogative. But, our honest aim is to simplify your life as much as possible. Why fumble with many keys when we can rekey and give you one key that will open every door to your home? To put it simply, why complicate an already stress filled life when an easier option is readily available? We supply a wide range of lock brands from Lockwood, Gainsborough, Lanes, Carbine, Kaba, Whitco, Austral and more. Our locks are high quality and durable. We don’t believe in selling cheap Chinese items. We install a wide range of locks from letterbox/filing cabinet locks to entrance sets, deadlocks right through to digital keypads and commercial grade deadlocks.

Not only do we rekey, we replace broken locks from cabinets to digital keypads, and update locks you feel are out of date to ensure you and your family’s security. Whatever need you have, we are equipped and at the ready. Call today to make an appointment!

We take pride in providing superb support at all times. With extraordinary eye for detail, we continuously endeavor to find a much better solution for our clients’ problems. Clients are the core of our company. We will pay attention to our customers and offer excellent service always.

Locksmiths Near You is an entrepreneurial, innovative and open-minded business. We focus on high benchmarks of ethics, credibility, and fairness in all facets of our business and are devoted to open and trustworthy relationships with our customers. We reckon that our Accountability means operating our company in a way that fulfills, or surpasses the moral, lawful, industrial, and community expectations that our customers, our employees, and culture have of us. Locksmiths Near You is a business that acts sensibly. However, we realise that good motives alone are not enough.


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