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Restricted Keys

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Setup A Restricted Key System

A blank restricted key with Locksmiths Near You printed on the key face.

Need to set up a restricted key system for your business premises? Locksmiths Near You have you covered using Lockwood restricted keys and locks.

The benefit of a restricted key system is no other locksmith or person can make a copy of your restricted keys. Only we can cut new spare keys but we will need the designated signatures as per your agreement.

Keys labelled with DO NOT COPY or RESTRICTED KEY, are perfect for strata buildings, commercial offices and other locations where key duplication must be limited and controlled.

Talk with our experienced and helpful team to discuss your options. We provide competitive prices and free quotes.

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Benefits of Restricted Key Systems

There are many benefits of using restricted keys which include control over access, increased protection and greater security.

With general locks, deadlocks and deadbolts, anyone can approach a locksmith and have a new key cut. This can result in hundreds or more copies floating around in the community.

Restricted systems reduce this risk as each new key needs to be authorised by the account holder. Providing you with full control and accurate knowledge of who has access.

This combined with our other locksmith services is very beneficial.

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Gain Full Control Over Your Locks & Keys

Lots of blank restricted keys with LNY branding.

Locksmiths Near You has more than 25 years of experience providing locksmith services in Brisbane and nearby areas in Queensland.

Our restricted key systems are manufactured by none other than the most reputable brand in the Australian locking industry – Lockwood.

When setting up your locks, you may also wish to use a master and sub-master key configuration. This can add even more convenience and sophistication to your security.

Talk with our experts at Locksmiths Near You. From designing, installing new locks and rekeying current ones, we can take your security to the next level.

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