Smart Locks – Is it Time to Go Keyless?

Keyless entry systems have been around for several years now. Most notably RFID tag-based systems are commonly used in public / semi-public buildings such as apartment blocks, office blocks, and universities, etc. 

This technology has not quite managed to make the big leap into regular homes.

In the meantime, many homeowners have opted to skip a generation with Smart Locks now surging ahead in the home consumer market.

Factors To Consider When Deciding On Smart Locks

Smart Door Lock

There are several factors you should bear in mind when considering to change your locks:


Arguably the most useful reason for smart locks is the flexibility they offer. Typical use cases include:

  • Giving house guests temporary access for the duration of the stay.
  • Letting the pool boy, cleaner, or other trusted worker into the property on your terms.
  • Giving neighbours or friends and family temporary emergency access.
  • No more worries about “did I lock the door before I left for work this morning”
  • Providing access to Airbnb guests who require restricted access. 
  • No more lost keys but be careful not to let your phone battery die if that is your entry method.

Do any of these scenarios sound like a common occurrence for you? It may be time to consider changing your locks to smart locks.


Smart locks have a number of great advantages when it comes to integration with your smart home. These include:

  • Integration to the burglar or fire alarm. This allows locking of the doors in the event of a burglar or to unlock them in the event of a fire.
  • Turn on the lights automatically when the front door is unlocked.
  • Control the locks using voice control such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Home.
  • Schedule the locks on a timer.
  • Camera integration. Arguably one of the most important integrations. This will allow you to see who is at your door before deciding whether to let them in remotely.

Our expert team are ready to help you connect your smartlocks to your smart home.

Ease of Use 

Smart locks come in many shapes and sizes. While the headline feature is of course the mobile phone control from anywhere, most locks also have a secondary method on the lock itself. These typically include:

  • RFID/fob reader, just like we discussed earlier in the public or commercial buildings.
  • PIN code – great if you can remember numbers.
  • Traditional key – some people still prefer the feel of a proper key in their lock.
  • Fingerprint, facial and iris scanning – these are a little rarer at present but are sure to become common in the next few years.

Are You Ready?

We are approaching the stage where the question “will I go keyless” is being replaced with “when will I go keyless”.

Smart home technology is rapidly developing. Everything from the kettle and toaster to the vacuum cleaner is becoming connected via Wi-Fi. It is only natural therefore that the locks to your home should join the network. 

So, is it time to go keyless?

That really depends on whether you are ready to give up that warm feeling a physical key provides and trust the technology.

Still not sure? Talk with our friendly team of experts to discuss the latest lock options available to suit you and your budget.

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